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Training SOPs

SOP's listed as links are currently available. Others will be coming soon.
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Number Title
2.001 Training Pharmacist and Technician Personnel
2.001 u Training Pharmacist and Technician Personnel (USP 2019)
2.001.01 Pharmacist I
2.001.02 Pharmacist II
2.001.03 Pharmacist-in-Charge
2.001.04 Technician I
2.001.05 Technician II
2.001.06 Technician III
2.002 Documentation of Employee Training
2.003 Clerk Training and Evaluation
2.004 Chemical and Ingredient Storage Training
2.005 Training and Competency - Patient Equipment
2.006 Training and Competency - New Procedures
2.007 u Personnel Training and Evaluation (USP 2019)
2.008 HIPAA Education Training
2.009 Delivery Driver Training & Evaluation
2.01 Destruction of Chemicals and Non-usable Preparations Training
2.010 Training in Shipping of Prescriptions
2.012 Safety Practices For Disposal of Broken Glassware (w/Contamination, Chemical, or Biological, Uncontaminated or disinfected Training
2.014 Methods Used to Train Staff
2.014.01 On-The-Job
2.014.02 Lectures & Videotapes
2.014.03 Supervised Laboratory Exercises
2.014.04 Seminars
2.015 Aseptic Compounding Personnel Orientation Training Program
2.015.4 Aseptic Compounding Personnel Portfolio
2.016 Personnel Training and Evaluation in Aseptic Compounding
2.017 Using a Syringe Filter
2.018 Hazardous Drug Training for Personnel
2.019 Aseptic Compounding Personnel Training and Education
2.020 Training in Fraud, Waste and Abuse
2.021 Training in Code of Conduct
2.022 Training in Conflict of Interest