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Downloadable Presentations

Many pharmacists are asked to make presentations to school, church, community, and professional groups but, for some reason, may be hesitant to do so. In order to help out, The International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding has available a very generic PowerPoint slide-show presentation that can be modified to meet your specific audience. This can provide a great opportunity to explain some of the following issues:

  • What does a compounding pharmacist do?
  • Why is compounding so important and necessary?
  • Are compounded medications safe?
  • Do compounded medications have to be FDA approved?
  • Are all manufactured medications FDA approved?
  • How did I become a compounding pharmacist?
  • How I can help you with your medications?
  • Can unused medicines be returned?
  • How do I properly dispose of unused medicine?

Many, many other questions can be answered in a 30-minute session and be of great service to your community as well as to your business.

For a slide show that can be downloaded, modified, and used for presentation to your local organizations, please go to:

Powerpoint Presentation - 2,124 MB