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Vehicle, Flavored and/or Sweetened, Non-oleaginous

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Alcohol 47.5% and Glycerin 30% Vehicle Oral Drops, Slow-Release, Sweetened
Aromatic Elixir
Base [Candy]
Cherry Syrup
Cherry Syrup [HUMCO]
Chlocolate-cherry Syrup (Compounded)
Chocolate Syrup (Cocoa)
Citric Acid Syrup (Lemon Syrup)
CocaCola™ Syrup
Compound White Pine Syrup
Flavor Blend™ [HUMCO]
Flavor Plus™ [HUMCO]
Flavor Sweet-SF™ [HUMCO]
Flavor Sweet™ [HUMCO]
Flavored Syrup, Preserved
Gelatin Base (Glycerinated Gelatin for Troches) Preserved
Glucose, Liquid (Corn Syrup)
Glycyrrhiza Syrup
Gummy Base Gel
High Fructose Corn Syrup (Karo® Syrup)
Honey, Purified
InOrpha™ Oral Suspension [INRESA]
Lollipop Base™ [Freedom] [Letco]
Lozbase™ [Fagron]
MediSpend™ [Fagron]
Ora-Base™ Plain Dental
Ora-Blend™ [Paddock Perrigo]
Ora-Blend™ SF [Paddock Perrigo]
Ora-Hesive™ Base Dental
Ora-Plus™ [Paddock Perrigo]
Ora-Sweet™ [Paddock Perrigo]
Ora-Sweet™ SF [Paddock Perrigo]
Oral Liquid Vehicle
Oral Mix™ Flavored Oral Vehicle [Medisca]
Oral Mix™ SF Sugar-Free Flavored Oral Vehicle [Medisca]
Oral Suspension Vehicle with Parabens Water, Preserved
Oral Syrup™ Cherry-Flavored [Medisca]
Oral Syrup™ SF [Medisca]
Orange Extract
Orange Syrup, USP/NF
Plus™ for Oral Suspension [PCCA]
Polyglycol Troche Base
Pomegranate Syrup
Preserved Flavored Syrup
Raspberry Syrup, USP
Simple Syrup and Cherry Syrup 2:1
Sorbitol Lollipop Base
Sorbitol Solution 70% Solution
Strawberry Syrup
SuspendIt™ [PCCA]
Suspendol-S™ Syrup [ Fagron, Paddock Perrigo]
SuspendRx™ Anhydrous Oral Suspension Vehicle
Suspension Formula™
Suspension Structured Vehicle, USP
Suspension Structured Vehicle-SF, USP
Syrpalta™ (Red) [Fagron, HUMCO]
Syrpalta™ (without color) [Fagron, HUMCO]
SyrSpend™ SF [Fagron]
SyrSpend™ SF Alka Dry Powder [Fagron]
SyrSpend™ SF Cherry [Fagron]
SyrSpend™ SF pH4 Liquid [Fagron]
Syrup NF (Simple Syrup)
Syrup NF Preserved with 0.1% Benzoic Acid and 0.1% Citric Acid
Syrup NF Preserved with 0.2% Sodium Benzoate
Syrup or other Preserved Vehicle
Syrup, Preserved (0.15% Methylparaben)
Syrup, Simple BP
Tang™ Instant Drink Mix
Tolu Balsam Syrup
Troche Base, Chocolate
Troche Base™ [Medisca]
UniSpend™ Anhydrous, Unsweetened Botanical Oral Suspension [Fagron]
Vanillin 2% w/v Solution
Vehicle for Oral Solution USP
Vehicle HSC™ (Hosp for Sick Children)
VersaFree™ [Fagron, HUMCO]
VersaPlus™ [HUMCO]
VersaSweet™ [HUMCO]