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Oleaginous Vehicle Database

Last Review: March 2006

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Alkyl (C12-C15) Benzoate, NF Almond Oil, NF Coconut Oil
Corn Oil, NF Cottonseed Oil Ethyl Oleate
Isopropyl Myristate Isopropyl Palmitate Mineral Oil
Mineral Oil, light Octyldodecanol Olive Oil
Peanut Oil Safflower Oil Sesame Oil
Soybean Oil Squalane

Although most liquid pharmaceuticals are aqueous, a drug must often be formulated in a nonaqueous vehicle. For example, the drug may have limited water solubility, or it may not be stable in an aqueous vehicle. Drugs formulated in oil vehicles may have different release characteristics that result in a different onset and duration of action. Nonaqueous vehicles are routinely used for oral, topical, rectal, otic, nasal (limited), and parenteral formulations.

This database describes several oleaginous vehicles used in pharmaceutical compounding.