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Compounders' Network List

IJPC Compounders' Network List Tips

Composing Messages

Know the rules - Review the Code of Conduct for specific rules on advertising, appropriate language, relevance, and legality. These are designed to keep the list useful and productive for all users. Messages that violate these rules may not be posted by the moderators.

Use a short, specific, descriptive subject - Take a minute to compose the message subject. Make it as easy as possible for others to know what is being discussed. Try to mention any specific drugs, treatments, methods, symptoms, or diseases in the subject if possible.

One topic at a time, please! - Put unrelated topics in separate messages. This allows others to read messages in which they are interested without having to wade through replies to another topic stuck in the same message thread.

Include your contact information - All postings to the list must include at least three pieces of contact information other than your email address. Name, company/organization, and phone number work well. This allows people to verify information with you if needed. The CNL does not accept any form of anonymous posting.

Sorry! No attachments allowed. - Due to security and bandwidth concerns, the CNL does not accept file attachments for distribution. However, you can post a link to the information posted on your web site if you wish. If it really does help people, IJPC might post it on the site for distribution. Send a message to the with any questions.

Replying to Messages

Does everyone need to know? - If your message just applies to the sender of the original message, then please reply directly to them by sending the message to their email address (included in the posting) and not the entire list. A thousand people don't really need to know that you are interested in purchasing a piece of used equipment from the original poster, for example. Plus, you will get a faster reply since your message won't have to be moderated and posted.

Remove unusual subject modifications made by your email program - If your email client program has modified the subject to include '[SPAM]' or tags other than 'Re:' or 'Fw:', please remove them by editing the subject line before replying. This makes it easier for the archive system to track message threads and avoids tripping up other people's email programs.

Managing Your Email

Organize the flood using email rules - Too much CNL mail clogging your inbox? Most email programs have a method for setting filtering rules that will automatically move email to a separate folder for later review. To support this, all messages from CNL server will have '[IJPC-NETWORK]' pre-pended to the subject for use as a filtering criteria.

Adjust the flow at the server - Use your account settings at the list server to manage your message volume. This Page includes instructions on how to temporarily halt messages while vacationing, or switch to digest mode to only get a few large emails rather than a single messages.