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Safety SOPs

SOP's listed as links are currently available. Others will be coming soon.
If SOP document does NOT open in new window properly, try RIGHT-CLICKING the link and select Save Target As... to save the file to your computer. Then open it from within your word processor.
Number Title
3.001 Material Safety and Data Sheets
3.002 Fire Prevention Measures
3.003.1 Theft or Loss of Drugs
3.004 Eyewash Station - Use and Maintenance
3.005 Safety Shower - Use and Maintenance
3.006 First Aid Administration
3.007 Handling of Syringes and Needles
3.009 Sharps Containers
3.01 Broken Glass Discard
3.011 Exhaust System Air Flow Monitoring (Individual capsule stations)
3.012 Use of the Biohazard Containers
3.013 Safety for Employees in the Compounding Work Area
3.015 Emergency Safety Shower Use
3.016 Potential Peroxide Forming Chemicals
3.017 Hazardous Drugs
3.018 Incompatible Chemicals
3.019 Potential Shock Sensitive Chemicals
3.02 Allergens / Sensitizers
3.021 Potential Reproductive Hazards
3.022 Compressed Gases - Use, Storage and Transportation
3.024 Use of Acid Saf-T-Spill Kit
3.025 Use of Caustic Saf-T-Spill Kit
3.026 Use of Biobloc - Blood and Body Fluid Spill and Clean-Up kit
3.027 Use of Chemo-Bloc Spill Kit
3.028 Storage and Transport of Hazardous Drugs
3.029 Hazardous Drug Compounding Procedures and Logs
3.030 Hazardous Drug Spill Kit
3.032 Disposing of Cytotoxic or Hazardous Drug Waste
3.033 Handling of Cytotoxic Compounds
3.034 Discard of Antineoplastic Waste
3.035 Storage and Delivery of Antineoplastic Compounds
3.036 Antineoplastic Spill Kit
3.037 Agents Used in the Treatment of Warts