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Calculations CD

Permanent storage and easy retrieval of Journal articles and formulations.
Only $95 per CD.
(Multiple Theme or Library CD orders priced at: 2 to 5 = $85; 6 to 9 = $75; 10 or more = $65 each.)

IJPC Calculations Theme CD

  • Print Journal articles in color from the pdf file for your marketing needs.
  • Eliminate long searches through past issues for articles and formulations.

A collection of the Calculations articles from 14 years of the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding. Each article features real-world examples of calculations used in the compounding pharmacy.

This CD contains the following articles:

Issue Topic
May/Jun 1997Geriatric Care
Jul/Aug 1997Compounding for Animals
Sep/Oct 1997Home Health Care
Nov/Dec 1997Diverse Ambulatory Patients
Jan/Feb 1998Hormone Replacement
Mar/Apr 1998Pain Management
May/Jun 1998Compounding Ophthalmics
Jul/Aug 1998Dermatology
Sep/Oct 1998Parenteral Nutrition Solutions
Nov/Dec 1998Environmental Compounds
Jan/Feb 1999Dental Compounding
Mar/Apr 1999Compounding for Men's Health
May/Jun 1999Compounding for Animals
Jul/Aug 1999Compounding Parenteral Products
Sep/Oct 1999Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
Nov/Dec 1999Compounding for Arthritis Patients
Jan/Feb 2000Compounding for Pain Management
Mar/Apr 2000Compounding for Diabetes Patients
May/Jun 2000Compounding for the Ear, Nose and Throat
Jul/Aug 2000Compounding for Hospice and Cancer Patients
Sep/Oct 2000Compounding for Immune System Disorders
Nov/Dec 2000Compounding for Hormone Replacement Therapy
Jan/Feb 2001Compounding for Pediatric Patients
Mar/Apr 2001Compounding for Animals
May/Jun 2001The Business of Compounding
Jul/Aug 2001Sterile Product Compounding
Sep/Oct 2001Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Nov/Dec 2001High-Tech Compounding
Jan/Feb 2002Compounding for Pain Management and Dental Medicine
Mar/Apr 2002Dermatologic Compounding
May/Jun 2002Health, Wellness, Geriatrics
Jul/Aug 2002Compounding for BHRT and Legal and Regulatory Issues
Sep/Oct 2002Veterinary Compounding
Nov/Dec 2002Sterile Preparations and Pediatric Compounding
Jan/Feb 2003Terrorism
Mar/Apr 2003Terrorism
May/Jun 2003Diabetes and Wound Care
Jul/Aug 2003After the Women's Health Initiative Trial
Sep/Oct 2003After the Women's Health Initiative Trial
Nov/Dec 2003Compounding for Investigational Studies
Jan/Feb 2004Androgen Deficiency in Women
Mar/Apr 2004Overview of USP Chapter <797>
May/Jun 2004Andropause
Jul/Aug 2004Wound Care
Sep/Oct 2004Topical Treatments in Wound Healing
Nov/Dec 2004Endotoxin
Jan/Feb 2005Sterile Preparations
Mar/Apr 2005Health and Wellness
May/Jun 2005Veterinary Compounding
Jul/Aug 2005Human Hormone Replacement Therapy
Sep/Oct 2005Pain Management
Nov/Dec 2005Pediatrics
Jan/Feb 2006Sports Medicine
Mar/Apr 2006Hospice/Palliative Care
May/Jun 2006Hormone Replacement Therapy
Jul/Aug 2006Sterile Preparations
Sep/Oct 2006Dermatology
Nov/Dec 2006Veterinary Compounding
Jan/Feb 2007Pediatric Patients
Mar/Apr 2007Diabetes
May/Jun 2007Pain Management
Jul/Aug 2007Hormone Replacement Therapy
Sep/Oct 2007Veterinary Compounding
Nov/Dec 2007High-Technology Compounding
Jan/Feb 2008Compounding for Hospice and Cancer Patients
Mar/Apr 2008Compounding Around the World
May/Jun 2008Pain Management
Jul/Aug 2008Hormone Replacement Therapy
Sep/Oct 2008Veterinary Compounding
Nov/Dec 2008Arthritis and Immunological Diseases
Jan/Feb 2009Compounding for Pediatrics
Mar/Apr 2009Sterile Compounding
May/Jun 2009Pain Management
Jul/Aug 2009Homone Replacement Therapy
Sep/Oct 2009Veterinary Compounding
Nov/Dec 2009Geriatric Compounding
Jan/Feb 2010Pediatrics and Wellness
Mar/Apr 2010Compounding for Men
May/Jun 2010Pain Management