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Abolene™ Cleansing Cream [Clarion]
Aci-Jel™ Vaginal Jelly
Acid Mantle™ Cream [Doak]
AdaptaDerm™ Cream [Fagron-Freedom]
AdaptaDerm™ Gel [Fagron, Freedom]
AlaDerm™ [PCCA]
Alcohol Gel Base™ [Spectrum]
Alcohol Gel™ [Freedom]
Allercreme™ Skin Lotion [Discontinued]
Almay™ Emulsion Base
AlpaWash™ [Medisca]
Antacid Suspension Plus [Maalox™ Plus)
Anthelios SX™
Aquabase™ [Paddock Perrigo]
Aquaphil™ Ointment [Fagron]
Aquaphor™ Healing Ointment, Advanced Therapy [BDF]
AuxiPro™ Plasticized Ointment [Freedom]
Ayr™ Saline Nasal Gel
Base Hormone Cream-Botanical™ [Letco]
Basic Creme DAC™
Bitter Drugs™ , Flavor for
Bone Cement
Botanical Hormone Cream™ [Spectrum]
Buffer Cream™ Powder for Oral Suspensions [HUMCO]
Cannabidiol™ PCCA Powder
Caprylyl Methicone
CapsuBlend™ -H [Medisca]
CapsuBlend™ -P [Medisca]
CapsuBlend™ -S [Medisca]
CaraCream™ [Discontinued]
Carbopol™ 3% Gel [BASF]
Carbopol™ 934 3% Gel [BASF]
CepaPro Gel™ [Freedom]
Cetaphil™ Cream [Galderama]
Cetaphil™ Gentle Skin Cleanser Lotion [Galderama]
Chapstick™ Classic
Chew-A-Treat™ Small Bone Kit [Medisca]
Chew-Hesive™ [Fagron]
Chromium Picolinate™
Chrysaderm™ Day Cream [PCCA]
Chrysaderm™ Night Cream [PCCA]
Clarifying Base™ [PCCA]
Clovagel™ Base [Fagron]
COA Base™
CocaCola™ Syrup
Cologel™ [Discontinued]
CopaSil™ [Medisca]
Cosmetic HRT™ [PCCA]
Cream Base with Liposome™ [Spectrum]
Cream Concentrate Base™ [Spectrum]
Dab Technology
Derma Serum™ [Freedom]
Derma-D™ Cream [Freedom]
Derma-N™ Cream [Freedom]
Dermabase™ [Paddock Perrigo]
Dermovan™ (Corialab)
Desitin™ Ointment [Pfizer]
Dianeal™ PD-1 1.36% Intraperitoneal Dialysis Solution
Dianeal™ PD-2 Intraperitoneal Dialysis Solution
DiffusiMAX™ Pre-Mixed Cream (Maxima)
Diphenhydramine 12.5-mg/5-mL Elixir Oral Solution
Durabase Advanced™ Cream Base [Spectrum]
Eda's™ Sugarfree Candies
Emolivan™ [Fagron]
Emollient Cream™ [PCCA]
Emulsifix-205™ Liquid Base [PCCA]
Emulsifix™ [PCCA]
Enhanced Scar Care Base™ [LETCO]
Espumil™ Foam Base [Fagon]
Eucerin Cream™ [BDF]
Eucerin Lotion™ [BDF]
Eucerin™ Calming Creme [BDF]
Eucerin™ Calming Itch-Relief Lotion [BDF]
Euxyl™ K 300
F-Melt ODT™ [Fuji]
Fattiblend™ [Fagron]
Fitalite™ Natural Gel Cream Base [Fagron]
Flavor Blend™ [HUMCO]
Flavor Plus™ [HUMCO]
Flavor Sweet-SF™ [HUMCO]
Flavor Sweet™ [HUMCO]
Gelot™ 64 [Gattefosse]
Genederm™ [HUMCO]
Germaben™ II-E
Gloves in a Bottle™
HCP™ Concentrate Cream Program [HUMCO]
Heavy Hormone Cream™ Base [Spectrum]
HEB Cream™ [Fagron]
High Fructose Corn Syrup (Karo® Syrup)
HRT Botanical™ Cream [Fagron]
HRT Cream Base™ [Letco]
HRT Cream Base™ [Medisca]
HRT Cream, Botanical Base™ [Spectrum]
HRT Cream™ Base [Spectrum]
HRT Gel Base™ [Medisca]
HRT Heavy™ Cream [Fagron]
HRT Natural Cream™ [Freedom]
HRT Natural Lotion™ [Freedom]
HRT Supreme Cream™ [Fagron]
Hydrocream™ Base [Paddock Perrigo]
Hydrogel™ [Medisca]
Hydrosorb™ Cream [Fagron]
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Methocel™ E4M Premium) 3% Gel, Preserved
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Methocel™ E4M)
Incroquat Behenyl TMS™
InOrpha™ Oral Suspension [INRESA]
K-Y™Lubricating Jelly
Karigel-N™ , Dental
Keri Lotion™ [Novartis]
KPhos™ Tablet
Kris-Ester™ 236 [PCCA]
Krisgel™ 100 [PCCA]
Labrafil™ M 1944 CS [Gattefosse]
Labrasol:Alcohol (1:1)
Lacri-Lube™ (Ophthalmic Ointment)
Lanaphilic™ Ointment [Medco]
Lanaphilic™ Ointment with 10% Urea [Medco]
Lantiseptic™ Daily Care Skin Protectant
Lavare™ Wound Wash Gel Base [HUMCO]
Letco Medical Salt Durable Cream™ [Letco]
Liothyronine Sodium (T3) 1:1000 Aliquot for Compounding
Lipmax™ [Medisca]
Lipo Cream Base™ [Medisca]
Lipobase™ Cream [Fagron]
LipoBase™ Heavy [Fagron]
LipoBase™ Regular [Fagron]
Lipocream™ Base [Spectrum]
Lipoderm™ [PCCA]
Lipoderm™ ActiveMax [PCCA]
Lipoderm™ Anhydrous [PCCA]
Lipoderm™ HMW Gel [PCCA]
Lipopen™ Absorption Enhancing Base [Fagron, Freedom]
LipoPen™ Anhydrous Base [Fagron]
Lipopen™ Plus Base [Fagron]
Lipopen™ Ultra Cream Base [Fagron]
Liposomal Heavy Cream™ [Fagron]
Liposome Cream™ [Spectrum]
Liposome™ Base Cream [Letco]
Lipovan™ Cream Base [Fagron]
LiquaGel™ [Paddock Perrigo]
Liquiderm-A™ [Paddock Perrigo]
LiquiGel™ Complex [Medisca]
Lollipop Base™ [Freedom] [Letco]
LoxaSperse™ Powder [PCCA]
LoxaSperse™ Powder [PCCA]
LoxOral™ [PCCA]
Lozbase™ [Fagron]
Lubriderm™ Cream
Lubriderm™ Daily Moisture Lotion
Magnasweet™ [Mafco]
MBK™ Fatty Acid Base [PCCA]
Mediderm™ Cream Base [Medisca]
Medihol™ Gel Base (Alcohol) [Medisca]
MediSpend™ [Fagron]
Miglyol™ 812 [Cremer]
Miracle Mist Plus™
Moisturel™ Dry Sensitive Skin Formula Cream
Morphine Elixir™ 10-mg/5-mL [Roxanne]
Mouthwash-OM™ [HUMCO]
MucoLox™ [PCCA]
Multibase™ [HUMCO]
NaraCream™ [PCCA]
NataCream™ [PCCA]
Niosome Cream Base™ [Spectrum]
Niosome Hormone Cream Heavy™ [Spectrum]
Niosome Hormone Cream™ [Spectrum]
Nivea Creme™
Nivea Original Skin Oil™
Non-Breakable Cream Base™ [Medisca]
Nourilite™ [Fagron]
Nourisil™ [Fagron]
Nourivan™ Antioxidant Cream Base [Fagron]
NovaFilm™ Gel Base [Medisca]
Nutraderm Cream™
Nutraderm Lotion™
Occlusaderm™ Gel [PCCA]
Occluvan™ [Fagron]
Ocean™ Nasal Mist
ODT Base™ [Freedom]
Ointment Base (Emulsifying)™ [Medisca]
Oleabase™ Plasticized Base [Medisca]
Omnibase™ Cream Base [Spectrum]
Ora-Base™ Plain Dental
Ora-Blend™ [Paddock Perrigo]
Ora-Blend™ SF [Paddock Perrigo]
Ora-Hesive™ Base Dental
Ora-Plus™ [Paddock Perrigo]
Ora-Sweet™ [Paddock Perrigo]
Ora-Sweet™ SF [Paddock Perrigo]
Oral Mix™ Dry Alka, SF Flavored Oral Vehicle [Medisca]
Oral Mix™ Flavored Oral Vehicle [Medisca]
Oral Mix™ SF Sugar-Free Flavored Oral Vehicle [Medisca]
Oral Syrup™ SF [Medisca]
Oraqix™ Dental
Pationic™ 138C
PEG Troche Base™ [Freedom]
PEG-10 Dimethicone
Pegblend™ [Fagron]
Penderm™ Cream Base [Medisca]
Pentravan™ Cream [Fagron]
Pentravan™ PLUS Cream [Fagron]
PermE8™ Anhydrous Gel
PFCB™ Preservative Free Cream Base [Fagron]
Pharmabase™ Vaginal Cream [Fagron]
Phosal™ 50 PG
PhytoBase™ Cream Base [Fagron]
Phytoplenolin™ Oil
Plasticized Ointment Base™ [Fagron]
Plasticized™ Base [PCCA]
PLO Gel-Mediflo™ Premixed [Medisca]
PLO Transdermal Cream™ [Medisca]
PLO20 Base™ [Fagron, HUMCO]
PLO20 Flowable Base™ [Fagron, HUMCO]
Pluronic™ F-127
Pluronic™ F-127 20% Gel [Letco]
Pluronic™ F-127 30% Gel [Letco]
Pluronic™ F-127 and Water, Bacteriostatic Gel
Plus™ for Oral Suspension [PCCA]
Poloxitol™ Powder [Freedom]
Polybase™ [Paddock Perrigo]
PolyMatrix™ Powder [Fagron]
Polypeg™ Suppository Base [Medisca]
Polysorb™ Hydrate Cream [Fougera]
PracaSil-Plus™ [PCCA]
PracaSil-Plus™ Gel [PCCA]
Rapid Dissolve Powder Blend™ [PCCA]
RDT-Plus™ [PCCA]
Recura™ Cream [Fagron-HUMCO]
Refresh™ Liquigel Ophthalmic
Salt Durable Cream™ [Letco]
SaltStable LO™ [Fagron]
SaltStable LS Advanced™ [Fagan]
Sanare Advanced™ Scar Therapy Cream [HUMCO]
Sarna™ Lotion
Sepigel 305™ Fluid Polymer
Sepineo™P 600
Seraqua™ Serum Base [Fagron]
ShiKai™ Dry Skin Therapy
SiloMac™ Anhydrous Gel [Freedom]
SimpleCap™ Powder [Fagron Freedom]
Simulgel™ NS
Skin-So-Soft™ Original Formula Body Lotion [Avon]
SkinSilk™ [Letco]
Softisan™ 378
Softisan™ 649
Solydra™ [Fagron]
SPG Supposi-Base™ [Medisca]
Spira-Wash™ Gel [PCCA]
Stomahesive Powder
Super Wernet's® Powder
Supposibase™ [Spectrum]
SuspendIt™ [PCCA]
Suspendol-S™ Syrup [ Fagron, Paddock Perrigo]
SuspendRx™ Anhydrous Oral Suspension Vehicle
Suspension Formula™
Syrpalta™ (Red) [Fagron, HUMCO]
Syrpalta™ (without color) [Fagron, HUMCO]
SyrSpend™ SF [Fagron]
SyrSpend™ SF Alka Dry Powder [Fagron]
SyrSpend™ SF Cherry [Fagron]
SyrSpend™ SF pH4 Liquid [Fagron]
Tang™ Instant Drink Mix
Thick-It Instant Food Thickener™
Ticker™ Topical Dispenser
Tightening Base™ [HUMCO]
Tocilizumab Injection
Topi-Click™ Dispenser [Fagron]
Topi-Pump™ [TOPI-PUMRx™]
Transderma Delivra™ SR [Xenex]
Transderma Ointment Base Anhydrous™ [Spectrum]
Transderma™ Alcohol Gel [Xenex]
Transderma™ Dental Base [Xenex]
Transderma™ HRT Cream Flowable [Xenex]
Transderma™ PLO Gel [Xenex]
Transderma™ PLO Kit [Xenex]
Transderma™ Trans D [Xenex]
Transderma™ Transal Base [Xenex]
Transderma™ TransPen Cream [Xenex]
Transderma™ Ultramax PLO Gel [Xenex]
Transdermal Ointment Base™, Anyhdrous [Spectrum]
Transdermal Pain Base™ [Medisca]
TriBlend™ Suppository Base [Freedom]
Triton™ X-100
Troche Base™ [Medisca]
Troche Base™ [Medisca]
Trochibase™ [Fagron]
Trochibase™ S Classic Flake [Fagron]
Trochibase™ S Powder [Fagron]
Unibase™ Cream Concentrate [Fagron]
UniSpend™ Anhydrous, Sweetened Botanical Suspension [Fagron]
Vanibase™ Moisturizing Cream [Fagron]
Vanicream™ [Letco]
Vanicream™ Lite Skin Care Lotion [Letco]
Vanish-Pen Cream Base™ [Medisca]
Vanishing Cream Light™ [PCCA]
VanPen™ [PCCA]
Vehicle HSC™ (Hosp for Sick Children)
Vehicle-N Mild™ [Discontinued]
Vehicle-N™ [Discontinued]
Velvachol™ (DFB)
Veregen™ Ointment 15%
Versa PLO 20™ [Fagron]
VersaBase™ [PCCA]
VersaBase™ Cream [PCCA]
VersaBase™ Foam [PCCA]
VersaBase™ Gel [PCCA]
VersaBase™ Lotion [PCCA]
VersaFree™ [Fagron, HUMCO]
VersaPlus™ [HUMCO]
VersaPro™ Cream Base [Medisca]
VersaPro™ Gel Base [Medisca]
VersaPro™ Lotion Base [Medisca]
VersaSweet™ [HUMCO]
Versatile™ Cream Base [Fagron]
Versatile™ Rich Cream Base [Fagron]
Vitamin B-Complex for Intravenous Injection (Iron-free), Sterile
Wecobee™ FS [Stepan]
Wibi™ Lotion
Witepsol™ Suppository Base [Spectrum]
Wound Care Cream™ [Fagron]
XemaTop™ Base [PCCA]
Xeralux™ Cream [HUMCO]
XyliFos™ Powder [PCCA]
Xylocaine™ 5% Ointment
Z-Cote Max™
Zeasorb™ Super Absorbant Powder
ZoSil™ , Veterinary [PCCA]
Zovirax™ 5% Ointment