Patient Advisory Leaflets

PALs listed as links are currently available. Others will be coming soon.
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Insurance Placard
Natural Progesterone
Transdermal Treatment Options for Hospice Patients
Warts: Facts and Therapy

What are Patient Advisory Leaflets (PALs)?"

Patient Advisory Leaflets - PALs are another great tool that makes available to your pharmacy compounding practice. PALs bring information about disease, drugs and treatments to the patient. PALs are written in an easy and simple to read format that explains disease symptoms and drug reactions to your patient. PALs also focus on therapies that are usually done by compounding pharmacists.

How do I use PALs effectively?"

There are basically two ways that PALs will effectively help your practice. PALs may be displayed outside the pharmacy's counter where your patient may have easy access to them. Also, you may introduce a leaflet to a patient when you are dispensing a certain medication for further reading. After your consultation and counseling, patients often have questions and some will definitely want to become more educated about their condition and treatment.