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General Formulas

General Formula Database
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The general formula library contains over 1,000 formulas in Adobe AcrobatTM (PDF) files.

You may search the database by keyword or by the formula ID Number.

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Enter one or more keywords to find within the formulation's name.

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Enter the ID number assigned to the named formula.

Common Keyword Searches
Start here for these common searches, you may add more keywords on the results page to find specific items.

"USP" - United States Pharmacopeia
"BP" - British Pharmacopeia

While a great deal of effort has been expended to ensure the accuracy of the formulations, contained here, IJPC accepts no liability for loss or damage arising from reliance on the information. Compounding pharmacists using this information take full responsibility for the formulations and hold IJPC and its officers, directors and employees harmless from any claim arising from use of or reliance on information contained therein.
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