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Compounding Formulas

New Improved Formula Database!

A new version of the formula database was introduced in late April 2009. Improvements over the old version include:

  • More Formulas - The database still contains formulas published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, but now includes almost 900 formulas from other sources. More formulas will be added on a regular basis with the goal of making this the largest online resource of compounding formulas in the world.

  • Standardized Format - All formulas are now presented in a standard, easy-to-print, black and white, document format using Adobe .pdf files. Standard headers in a standard order are used to make locating information easier. Space is provided for noting ingredient lot numbers for use in the compounding laboratory.

  • Standard Naming Convention with Synonyms - Each formula name is based upon the ingredients, with addition synonyms or historical names provided for searching and reference.

  • New and Updated References - References have been reviewed and updated to reflect the current state of the art. All formulas now contain references.

  • Beyond-Use-Date Information - Information on assigning a beyond-use-date is included with each formula.

  • Additional Information Available Online - Each formula's online page links to component information from's physicochemical database. This provides fully referenced physical descriptions, chemical properties, uses, regulatory information and more for each ingredient.

  • Improved Search Features - Along with keyword searching, new advanced search features allow searching by multiple ingredients, by excluded ingredients, by dosage form, by pharmaceutical use, or combination of all of these.

We hope you enjoy the new features of the formula database! Please email with any questions, comments, compliments, or condemnation!