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March 15, 2019  |  Volume 16  |  Issue 11
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Loyd V. Allen, Jr., Ph.d., R.Ph Letter from the Editor
IJPC March/April 2019 -
Table of Contents

The Table of Contents for the March-April 2019 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding is as follows:

IJPC Mar/Apr 2019 Table of Contents
IJPC Mar/Apr 2019 Table of Contents
IJPC Mar/Apr 2019 Table of Contents
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Loyd V. Allen, Jr., PhD, RPh
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding
Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy Twenty-second edition



Jury Finds Walmart Wrongly Fired Washington Pharmacist Who Could Not Give Injections
A federal jury in Tacoma found that Walmart wrongly fired a Western Washington pharmacist whose medical conditions kept her from giving injections. The company should pay 63-year-old Lori Jacobs (who lives with both cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis) roughly $1 million for its violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the jurors in U.S. District Court decided. The company told pharmacists in 2016 they would all need to give injections, which Jacobs' medical conditions prevented. The verdict came amid a national uproar about the company's recent decision to get rid of its greeter positions; greeters with physical disabilities worried this decision would leave them without jobs.

48 Mount Carmel Pharmacists and Nurses Reported to Licensing Boards
Mount Carmel has reported to state licensing boards that four dozen pharmacists and nurses were involved in the care of 35 critically ill patients who received excessive painkiller doses, the health system said Wednesday. The is the latest in Mount Carmel's ongoing investigation of a former intensive-care doctor accused of ordering inappropriate doses—many of them potentially fatal—over a span of about four years. Thirty of the reported nurses and pharmacists have been placed on paid leave to remove them from patient contact. Eighteen have left the health system, some a number of years ago.


Did You Know ...

...that the following came from the pen of Finley Peter Dunne (1867-1937), American Journalist?

"Don't ye iver take dhrugs?" asked Mr. Hennessey.
"Niver when I'm well," said Mr. Dooley. "Whin I'm sick, I'm so sick I'd take anything.


Tip of the Week

The Apothecary has played an important role in society throughout history. We should never underestimate the influence of the physician, pharmacist, and nurse in increasing compliance of patients with their medications.


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Looking Back

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