Book Review

Once a Month: Understanding and Treating PMS

Katharina Dalton, MD
Hunter House, Inc.

New, fully revised sixth edition; for patients and health-care providers (See IJPC 1998;2(1):30 for a complete review of the fifth edition.)

Dalton has revolutionized the understanding and treatment of PMS again, with the information in her latest edition of Once a Month. This fully revised sixth edition contains the latest information on PMS and how it affects women of all ages. One third of the material is new, with 11 new chapters and 14 new illustrations and figures. Since PMS is a family affair, she has included her daughter, Wendy Holton, as co-author and grand daughter, Jennie Holton, in this edition. New chapters by her family include “Counseling for PMS” by daughter Wendy and “PMS in Adolescence” by granddaughter Jennie. Other new chapters include “Ups and Downs of Progesterone Therapy,” “Hijacked by the Psychologists,” “Normal Gynecological Examination,” “Education and PMS,” “PMS and Contraception,” “Approach to Treatment,” “The Three-Hourly Starch Diet,” “Rules of Progesterone Treatment,” and “Psychiatric Treatment.” This book has been written to help not only sufferers but also their partners, families, friends, and health-care providers to understand how PMS can be recognized, correctly diagnosed, and successfully treated.

Reviewed By:  Dana Reed-Kane, PharmD, FIACP, FACA, FCP, NFPPhC
In:  Sep/Oct 1999