Book Review

Pediatric Injectable Drugs (6th ed.)

Stephanie Phelps
American Society of Health- System Pharmacists

This text is one of the best references for pediatric injectable drug use and administration.

There is often a lack of information about medications for pediatric use because most drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration are not tested on children. The Teddy Bear Book addresses this deficiency; it includes a compilation of case histories, accidental overdose reports, and clinical studies in a single source. Developed to help ensure the safety of pediatric patients who receive intravenous (IV) medications, this book contains approved and unlabeled uses of various drugs as well as age-specific dosing recommendations for medications administered intravenously to neonates, infants, children, and adolescents. The sixth edition includes 170 updated monographs (27 of which pertain to new drugs) on commonly prescribed pediatric medications. Each monograph contains brand and generic names, dosages, dosage adjustments for patients with organ dysfunction, maximum dosages, administration instructions (IV push, intermittent infusion, continuous infusion), maximum concentrations, cautions related to IV administration, and comments that include “clinical pearls.” Hardto- find pediatric nomograms are included in the appendices to assist in the proper calculations of both body surface area and ideal body mass. This soft, ring-bound 423-page book has durable coated pages. To keep the size of the book as small as possible, the more than 2700 references are not included in the text. However, the editor provides an online reference list on the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Website that can be downloaded and printed out for use with the text. The reference list is updated every 2 or 3 years. The sixth edition of the Teddy Bear Book is invaluable to pharmacists who compound pediatric injectable medications.

Reviewed By:  Lisa Ashworth, RPh
In:  Nov/Dec 2002