Book Review

HIPAA Privacy Standards: A Compliance Manual for Pharmacies (2nd ed.)

pharmacist associations Another “must have” handbook for pharmacy privacy officers This was the first manual designed specifically for pharmacy by pharmacy. It is provided in a large three-ring binder and is accompanied by a CD that contains the same content as the binder. This compliance manual contains 19 chapters and 300 pages and is packed full of information. Although the table of contents is not very detailed, the manual is organized in an outline format, which makes it easy to find information. Chapters cover: ¦ HIPAA basics – how to get started on your HIPAA compliance program ¦ Provision of adequate notice to customers ¦ Information about obtaining customer consent and authorization ¦ Ways to (and not to) make disclosures without a customer’s permission ¦ Identification of and contracting with business associates ¦ Marketing restrictions ¦ Customer’s rights to accounting of disclosures, copies of records, etc. ¦ Mandatory employee training ¦ Information about handling customer complaints ¦ Government enforcement The original HIPAA Privacy Rules are included in the back of this manual and are redlined to show the August 2002 revisions, as well as Part V of the August 14, 2002, Federal Register, which includes the Final Rules and Regulations. Pharmacies are licensed to copy portions of the manual for their own internal use. This manual includes a few sample forms for surveys of privacy assessment, NOPP, patient authorization, and business- associate contracts; but the forms provided are not as easy to use or customize as the ones included in the National Community Pharmacists Association’s handbook and the CD-ROM that accompanies it. An outstanding feature of this publication is its easy-to-use format and extremely detailed policies and procedures regarding each activity related to HIPAA, included in each chapter. Pharmacies can adapt the specific policies and procedures in the manual and customize them for use in their practice. The price includes free, unlimited updates to the manual for 2 years, a free subscription to an NACDS HIPAA update newsletter, and reduced registration fees for NACDS HIPAA conferences.

Reviewed By:  Dana Reed-Kane, PharmD, FIACP, FACA, FCP, NFPPhC
In:  May/Jun 2003