Book Review

Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions Handbook (2nd ed.)

Ross Pelton, RPh, PhD, CCN; James B. LaValle, RPh, DHM, NMD, CCN; Ernest B. Hawkins, RPh, MS; and Daniel L. Krinsky, RPh, MS

This well-referenced, 591-page pocket handbook is packed with facts about nutrient depletion, as well as other drug information. It lists drugs by US and Canadian brand and generic names and contains hundreds of entries. Drugs are listed with and without depletions, which accounts for the number of entries, and the book is indexed by drug and by nutrient. However, it does not contain information on drug-nutrient interactions, as did the first edition, nor is information on herbs or complementary therapy included. Although this reference contains extensive information about the subjects mentioned above, it includes no more facts on nutrient depletion than do similar references half its size. It is difficult and time-consuming to use, and the reader is referred to several different pages and sections throughout the book when monographs on nutrients or information about drug depletion, studies, and abstracts are sought. This reference is a great resource for answering an occasional drug-information question because it is inexpensive and contains pertinent and essential information on nutrient depletion. However, for the pharmacist who wants to use that type of information daily to assist in making recommendations about nutrients, the Natural Approaches Index to Drug Interactions, Depletions, and Complements is much more complete, user-friendly, and concise.

Reviewed By:  Lisa Ashworth, RPh
In:  May/Jun 2002