Book Review

Handbook of Piggyback Compatibility and Stability Data

Lisa Ashworth, RPh.
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding

This 29-page, easy-to-use, well-referenced text features information on more than 100 commercial drugs that are commonly prepared in piggyback form. The introduction, written by Loyd V. Allen, Jr, PhD, RPh, includes an explanation of beyond-use dating, stability-enhancement techniques, factors that affect stability, and mechanisms of degradation. Information is organized in a table format and is listed alphabetically by generic drug name and in concentrations commonly used in everyday practice. Stability information for each drug is listed in a format that follows the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) guidelines for risk levels 1 and 2, which pertain to the preparation of sterile compounds. Drug listings provide information on strengths, diluents, volumes, infusion rates, final concentrations, and stability. The Piggyback also includes information about available manufactured frozen and premixed medications. This handbook can be used to improve cost-effectiveness in intravenous compounding because it provides information on beyond-use dating in commonly used medication concentrations. Author-pharmacist Lisa Ashworth has written a concise, valuable reference that will save cost and time for those who use it.

Reviewed By:  Dana Reed-Kane, PharmD, FIACP, FACA, FCP, NFPPhC
In:  Jul/Aug 2001