Book Review

Promoting Civility in Pharmacy Education

Bruce A. Berger, ed.

This book outlines the causes, effects and solutions to the increasing problems of classroom and college incivilities.

This book, which contains an insightful collection of treatises on civility and student behavior, is appropriate for all teachers, supervisors and coordinators of pharmacy education; particularly significant and timely are the chapters that define the relationships of civility and professionalism for students and faculty. The chapters that relate to small groups and large classrooms offer recognition and resolution for many incivilities and classroom misbehaviors. “Promoting Civility from a New Faculty Perspective,” written by Dr. Donna West, is a must-read chapter for all new or inexperienced faculty members. This book identifies and addresses incivilities and has as its basic premise the promotion of professionalism in pharmacy.

Reviewed By:  Jack L. Coffey, BS, DPh, FACA
In:  May/Jun 2004