Book Review

Numb Toes and Aching Soles; Coping with Peripheral Neuropathy

John A. Senneff

This valuable and comprehensive 291- page resource is written by a patient for those who suffer from painful peripheral neuropathy. It includes everything: the causes and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, testing and treatments, and tips for helping victims get through each day with greater ease. Also addressed are the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy, pain, medications (opioid, nonopioid, oral, topical) used to treat the disorder, other medical therapies, alternative treatments, nutrients, experimental or “unapproved” drugs, concomitant diabetes and human immunodeficiency virus infection, and coping strategies. Of particular interest is the mention of compounding pharmacists as sources of topically administered medications used to treat neuropathic pain. The author briefly discusses the use of ketoprofen, ibuprofen, lidocaine, prilocaine, and ketamine as agents that may provide topically administered pain relief. The chapters are excellently referenced and include more than 200 testimonials from patients, as well as expert opinions from 12 of the country’s leading neurologists. This is an excellent reference for patients seeking information about peripheral neuropathy.

Reviewed By:  Dana Reed-Kane, PharmD, FIACP, FACA, FCP, NFPPhC
In:  Jan/Feb 2003