Book Review

Are Your Kids Running on Empty? How Better Food Choices Can Make the Winning Difference

Ellen Briggs and Sally Byrd, ND
Many Hands Publishing, Deerfield Beach, Florida, 2004

This book is a must read for anyone with children!

These days kids grow up on chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers and French fries. Fast food has become a way of life in our busy society. As a result of our busy lifestyles and modern conveniences, our children our suffering from the food choices we are making for them. This book is an excellent resource for any parent who cares about their children’s health and well being. In fact, giving your children better food choices will give parents smarter and better behaved children. In this book the author’s explain why kids eat all day but are still hungry. Children today are fed full of “nutrient-empty” foods which are void of nutrients. Did you know that the average child consumes 275 pounds of nutrient-empty sugar a year! They refer to soda as “liquid candy” because they contain about 9 to 12 teaspoonfuls of sugar per can. This should catch the attention of adults and children alike! The book comes with hundreds of suggestions of snacks, meals, and drinks for parents to choose from that kids will enjoy. It also comes with a CD-ROM Cookbook which is a great resource! It contains grocery lists, menus, recipes and more. It even gives brand names of suggested products so you can look for them locally. The brands are kid-tested and kid-approved! This easy to read and reference 297 page book is packed full of information and will teach you how to read food labels, what to look for, how to shop, about the glycemic index, the food pyramid, supplements, and so much more. There are even chapters on customizing nutrition for young athletes, artists and academics. This book will open your eyes and make you think before driving though that fast food window the next time you or your child is hungry. Take it from a busy mom herself; the extra time and effort you make are worth it when it comes to feeding your children’s minds and bodies.

Reviewed By:  Dana Reed-Kane, PharmD, FIACP, FACA, FCP, NFPPhC
In:  Oct 2006