Book Review

Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About

by Kevin Trudeau
Alliance Publishing Group, Inc. Elk Grove Village, Illinois

I believe that Kevin Trudeau is a marketing genius. He realizes that we have an unhealthy America that is looking for answers to their health issues so he capitalizes on that emotion. His book cover promises “the natural cures for more than 50 specific diseases.” Unless you own a computer and are willing to surf the Internet you may not get all that you expected.

His book is used as a tool to convince you to subscribe to his website where you are told you will have access to all the answers. He says that the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) won’t allow him to share product names and give specific information in this book so instead you are referred to his website for answers. His website will cost you $9.95 a month or you may choose to sign up for a lifetime membership which costs $499. (When I went on the website one free week of access was offered which could be cancelled in one week for no charge.)

Mr. Trudeau says, “The FTC even tried to stop the sale of this book! The FTC has threatened to take my books and burn them.” There is no documentation regarding these actions from the FTC in his book so there is no way to substantiate his statements.

Mr. Trudeau tells us that some of the money collected from his website will go to fight the FTC and the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) for injustices done. He also plans to research and investigate alternative modalities, products and providers and to provide this information on his website. Mr. Trudeau acknowledges that there are other sources of information on alternative health care but states that his is the best since he sells nothing except unbiased information. He says, ”I sell no products at all. I have no financial interest in companies that sell products. I am not compensated in anyway on any products that I recommend, endorse or suggest. There are no conflicts of interest here.”

He says he currently has a lawsuit against the FTC, which can be viewed (for free) at His reason for not printing the lawsuit in his book was because he did not want to dedicate the space to it.

Mr. Trudeau makes many statements but because of the lack of references in the book, other than referrals to websites, it is difficult to distinguish the absolute facts from what he believes to be true.

Mr. Trudeau is “mad as hell and is not going to take it anymore.” So he is going to “blow the whistle” on the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and traditional health care. Mr. Trudeau points out that the pharmaceutical industry is a billion dollar industry whose goal is to make money. He argues that it would not make economic sense for the pharmaceutical companies to have drugs that actually cured disease, as treatment cure would mean less income.

Mr. Trudeau says the food industry has formulated food items in a way to cause people to gain weight, get fat and eat more food. Food additives can be added to food with out being listed on the labels. Mr. Trudeau gives a very graphic picture of the food industry and certainly is very convincing in his arguments for us to give up processed food and to eat organic foods instead.

Mr. Trudeau says that the FDA has a law that says that only a pharmaceutical drug can ‘cure’ a disease and that it would be illegal to say that an orange (vitamin C) is capable of curing scurvy. That specific law is never documented in his book nor is its’ website referenced, so it is difficult to substantiate the facts.

He says that Congress has passed a law that allows members of congress to buy and sell stocks based on “insider information.” Congressional members have access to information that the general public does not have and with this information they are able to make millions of dollars on these stock transactions. This actual law is not referenced or quoted directly, again making the facts difficult to collect.

Mr. Trudeau says he has convinced thousands of people to eat organic foods, think positively, get 8 hours of sleep each night and drink purified water. For this I say he must be doing something right.

I believe this book contains many truthful and eye-opening statements regarding the pharmaceutical and food industries. I believe that there are many useful alternatives to traditional medicine which are beneficial and life saving. I believe that good lifestyle choices can benefit one’s health tremendously. I want to believe that Kevin Trudeau is the truth, the hope, and the way but my sense is that the main objective of his book is to sell me a membership to his website.

Reviewed By:  Betty Jo Grajeda, MD
In:  May 2006