Book Review

Hormones, Health and Happiness: A Natural Medical Formula for Rediscovering Youth with Bioidentical Hormones

by Steven F. Hotze, M.D. with Kelly Griffin
Forrest Publishing, Houston, TX

This heart-warming book offers hope and solutions for achieving a healthier you. It is easy to read yet provides enough basic science so that the reader can understand the rationale behind the recommendations. Comfortable and interesting, this book is a good read for both the layperson and healthcare professional.

Dr Steven Hotze. M.D. offers a compassionate look at health by focusing on hormone balance, adrenal support, thyroid function, allergies, and chronic yeast infections. He shares his views and helps us understand why these alternative treatment methods are not at the forefront of medical care today. He talks about how he began to practice outside of mainstream by searching for the best treatments for his patients.

We enter the lives of several patients and learn about their frustrations and poor health as they tread down the path of traditional allopathic medicine. They find new health when they discover the non-traditional treatments offered by Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Center. Dr, Hotze refers to his patients as “guests” and treats them accordingly.

The book is well organized and makes sense. It includes questionnaires to help the reader identify various health issues and lists resources and treatment options.

Food allergies and food rotation diets are discussed. Dr. Hotze has treated airborne allegories with tremendous success by using sublingual allergy desensitization drops instead of shots. For more information on allergy drops visit

Dr. Hotze addresses the difference between synthetic and glandular thyroid replacement. A New England Journal of Medicine Study published February 11, 1999 compared Armour thyroid and synthetic levothyroxine. Patients on Armour thyroid significantly improved symptoms of fatigue, depression, and anger while performing better on tests of attention, mental flexibility, and learning as compared to subjects using synthetic levothyroxine.

This book will help you to understand what the†righ4 diet is and which fats are good for you. It discusses beneficial doses of various vitamins and supplements. Healthy recipes, with readily available ingredients, are also included.

This book will benefit patients, “guests,” and healthcare professionals. It will make us all smarter, and the world brighter, as our lives become healthier.

Reviewed By:  Betty Jo Grajeda, MD
In:  May 2006