Book Review

Overcoming Arthritis

David Brownstein, M.D.
Medical Alternatives Press

This 228 page book is a must read for those who have challenging patients with difficult to treat inflammatory states such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, vasculitis, thyroiditis, lupus, ulcerative colitis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Arthritic conditions may be caused by infectious etiologies. The infection may be the cause of the symptoms. Serum testing for viral and bacteria antibodies can help determine if a patient is suffering from a chronic infection. Treatment by antibiotics may be necessary to eradiate the offending organism and allow a patient to return to good health.

In his practice, Dr. Brownstein has successfully treated Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus and a variety of other inflammatory states with antibiotics. Thirty case studies are discussed which illustrates the benefits of antibiotic therapy in selected cases.

We are introduced to The Road Back Foundation (, which has been instrumental in carrying on the work of Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown, who believed that infection was the cause of many inflammatory diseases and he successfully treated many patients with antibiotics.

Nutritional Deficiencies are often seen in chronically ill patients. Nutrient levels can be evaluated with blood tests, urine tests and hair tests. Chronically ill patients are commonly found to be deficient in B vitamins, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Selenium and essential fatty acids.

Patients with chronic inflammatory diseases tend to develop more allergies. An electro-dermal computerized system is used to evaluate allergies. Allergies can be treated with an acupressure technique called Nambudripod Allergy Elimination Technique. NAET is named after is Dr. Devi Nambudripod and has provided amazing results.

Dr Brownstein discusses the approach and treatment of patients in a comprehensive manner. He encourages us to look at diet, heavy metal toxicity, infection, nutrient status, hormonal balance, thyroid function, adrenal function and discusses the testing and treatment of these.

I found the book extremely valuable in helping me to look at infection as a cause of arthritis. This concept makes so much sense and could benefit many patients who are struggling with traditional therapies, which yield them no results.

I highly recommend this concise easy to read book which can be understood by both patients and health professionals. I believe it will help to ease the suffering of many if healthcare providers take these lessons to heart.

Reviewed By:  Betty Jo Grajeda, MD
In:  Dec 2005