Book Review

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer: How Hormone Balance May Save Your Life

John R. Lee
Warner Books Incorporated

This book is an extraordinary source of information for clinicians who provide bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and for their patients. It is a well-written and well-documented resource that enables women to substantially reduce the risk of breast cancer. The authors present an enlightened exploration of the politics and economics of the breast-cancer industry, a detailed description of the risk factors for breast cancer, and a thorough explanation of the ways in which sex hormones affect that risk. They then offer handson recommendations about methods of determining whether a woman’s hormones are in balance.

The authors provide a clear, concise explanation of the value of saliva testing in determining hormone levels and correlate the results of testing to symptoms. They also explain the effect of nutrition on the development of cancer and offer suggestions of adjustments to diet that may influence that risk. An entire chapter is devoted to the risks and benefits of taking soy supplements.

Drs. Zava and Lee have presented scientific evidence of the high rate of breast cancer today. In this well-written and wellreferenced text, the authors give hope to every woman and suggest practical methods of decreasing the risk for breast cancer.

Reviewed By:  James Paoletti, RPh
In:  Jan/Feb 2003